Upholstery Before & After

Choosing whether to let your old furniture go or not can be a hard decision. It's especially hard if it's your favorite sofa, chair and the hardest of all--a valuable family piece from your grandparent's that was gifted down to you. Over time, upholstery material on pieces get worn out with rip's, rot, fade, all signs of ageing (including foam, pillow fillings etc. ). Think it's time for the trash? Not so fast!

Older furniture pieces are much more valuable as, they were built to last. Most importantly, they were built with all natural wood (unlike today's furniture) you can have old pieces looking like new, hassle free. We can bring fabric samples to you, or use your materials. Our company works on the following pieces: Living Room Sets | Dining Room Sets | Ottomans | Headboards | Antiques | Barber Chairs | Saloon Chairs | Restaurant Chairs | Office Chairs |Churches | Hotel Chairs | ...And More