If you are moving or getting a sofa delivery and that sofa just can't fit in the elevator, up the stairs or thru that narrow door--don't worry! Here is a solution, call the pros at new look's furniture during the move, after or before and we will carefully disassemble your sofa, get it to your intended location and reassemble it.

When it's all said and done your sofa will be just as sturdy with no obvious disassembly evidence. Typically, the average sofa takes two to four hours to do. Others vary.

Our company works on the following sofas: Sleeper | Non Sleeper | Leather| Fabric | Big | Small | Sectional | Traditional | Custom |Any Make or Model

New York's Trusted Company for Reupholstery for Homes & Businesses

Instead of throwing it away and buying a replacement for your broken mattress or furniture, you can just call New Look's Furniture Reupholstery. Our seasoned upholsterers can fix the torn fabric of your sofa to make it more appealing. If you're planning to move and need careful disassembly and assembly of furniture, look no further. We do it all no matter how big or small.